About Digitel

From story-board to final edit, realize your video dreams with Digitel Video LLC.

With 30 years of video production experience… from small jobs to large jobs, a crew of one person to a crew of 10… with long-term relationships with cameramen, writers, and talents who are happy to join that professional crew… from a fully equipped video truck and a studio with a stunning array of computerized editing tools… with the eyes of an artist and the skills of a technician… and a laser’s focus on you and the message you want to convey…

Digitel Video is the perfect partner to turn your video dreams into reality.

Digitel will work with you throughout all the steps of making a video, from crafting your message and creating a storyboard through pre-production, production, editing and polishing your completed video for use on television, in the theater, or on the Internet.

(Shhhh…Digitel knows video secrets, too—secrets that can help you save money.)

Digitel’s client list demonstrates the tremendous versatility of this full service video production company. Clients range from small nonprofits that want a video of one evening’s lecture to large corporations such as Disney, Pepsi-Cola and Fox Sports that want videos of special events, national conventions, and promotional pieces for television and social media. Digitel Video has produced television programs and commercials, YouTube videos, sales and marketing videos, and concert and music videos. Please see our partial list of clients, below.

Doug Jipson, the artist and pioneer behind Digitel, got his start in the production business as soon as video equipment came on the market in the mid-1980s. He built a successful studio, Telefex, in Tampa, Florida. Later, Doug was one of the first to move into digital video production with computer-based editing capabilities.

“Digital technology uses the same basic tool set, but videographers have become different kinds of artists using computer technology,” Doug explains. “We are not only editors but compositing artists, which is like using Photoshop but for video—manipulating scenes by combining different layers of video. If these effects are done well, the viewer may not even be aware of them.”

Throughout his 30 years in the business, Doug has taken care to build relationships with other professionals whose help he can enlist depending upon the size of the job.

The one thing that hasn’t changed during those 30 years is Doug’s focus on his clients and their message. “My focus is always on the client and helping the client to create a message that will reach the intended audience,” he explains. “We have such great technology now, but technology doesn’t tell the story—the artist does.”


Doug has twice worked on production teams that have won prestigious Cine Golden Eagle Awards, one for Get Surreal! With Salvador Dali and one for Greeking Out and Roman’ Around the Ancient World.

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